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Pismo connects with best-in-class partners worldwide.
Each member is curated and selected for its ability to complement the next-generation capabilities of the Pismo platform. Discover leading providers across KYC, AML, cards, payments clearing, BIN sponsorship and more.

Our partners

Consulcard offers a PaaS service for accounting integrations that helps companies of all sizes design implement, operate financial products, optimize processes, and outsource back-office systems.
Veritran is a leading global technology company devoted to simplifying banking experiences for financial institutions through its low-code platform.
Fraudio provides payment fraud detection, merchant risk monitoring, and money laundering prevention services.
Integration available
Build an innovative and secure payments process with Pismo and Drona Pay from credit decisioning to post-transaction
Integration available
Deploy automated identity verification to gain a 360 degree view of the customer from onboarding and beyond
Integration coming
Diletta offers a white-label solution to create a fast, low-friction go-to-market product that covers all aspects of the account and payment process. With jurisdiction approval built-in, there’s no need to worry about approval or regulation
Create an industry-leading card authenticaytion infrastructure for ecommerce with Pismo and Apata
Automate loan origination, review, and renewal processes for retail, mortgage, SME lending, credit cards, and more. Bridge operational silos, unify front and back offices, and deliver a superior customer experience, all while staying compliant
Integration coming
Provide your customers with fully regulated banking infrastructure and real-time clearing access to UK payment schemes
Integration available
Verify your users no matter their language or location, and help business scale internationally with Pismo and SumSub
Integration coming
One of the world’s leaders in digital payments, facilitating transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions, and government entities across more than 200 countries and territories
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ACG is licensed by Mastercard, operating since 2011 in a pioneering way as a prepaid card issuer and provider of banking and issuing services to large companies


N5 has developed the way out of your complex legacy systems and into the fintech digital world. Its technology suite is designed with the goal of driving digital transformation in the financial industry
Thales provides a modern card issuing platform that combines banking systems with state-of-the-art digital components. Provide seamless mobile and web access to a wide range of user-centric digital and physical services
Integration available
Form3’s vision is to be the world’s most trusted provider of payments technology. It offers banks and regulated fintechs and end-to-end managed service that delivers processing, clearing, and settlement through a single API
Integration coming
CI Pay is a rewards payment gateway providing data-centric customer loyalty, consumer analytics, and commerce automation. It provides unlimited flexibility in creating and managing loyalty, rewards and campaigns across multiple industries
Integration coming
Simplify customer registration and authentication with Unico’s digital identity solutions, including facial recognition and digital signature
Grow your users and customers with automated KYC processes
Real time AML and Fraud Surveillance powered by explainable AI
Card schemes, regulatory reporting and reconciliation made simple. BIN sponsors, challenger banks, acquirers and other fintech’s are using Kani to do weeks of transaction reporting, regulatory reporting and reconciliation work in under 30 seconds
Ideal financial and technology infrastructure – let banking be your business
Interconnect the entire digital payment ecosystem with Pismo and Netcetera with an effective and customisable 3DS solution
Provide a seamless card issuing and management process using a near-unlimited pool of designs and possibilities
Integration available
Pismo and Thunes create an alternative payment rail that helps you pay the world in real-time
Integration coming
Take control of the e-commerce journey and build a practical and secure checkout experience for your customers
Neutralise the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, and other financial crime
Combine Pismo with an end-to-end physical card solution, streamlined service and leading manufacturing times
Integration coming


A next-gen financial services platform cannot exist without cloud computing. We utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its cloud infrastructure to run our banking and payment systems globally

Learn how our partners can combine with Pismo to create next-generation banking

Deploy total control of the end-to-end lending process

Some loan origination tools include underwriting and rating software functionality and credit analysis. Loan origination software is often implemented through the cloud, and these solutions typically contain loan servicing software functionality or integrate with those solutions to provide a comprehensive loan management solution.
Identify and eliminate risk before it becomes an issue

Credit Risk Management refers to the management of the probability of the loss that a company may suffer if any of its borrowers default in their repayment. It is done by implementing various risk control strategies to mitigate this
Master the online Know Your Customer process

Remote, paperless and automated, E-KYC minimises the costs and traditional bureaucracy necessary in KYC. The guidelines in financial services require that you make an effort to verify the identity, suitability and risks involved with new customers. Our partners provide global coverage and best-in-class solutions for comprehensive and integrated E-KYC processes, offering CIP, CDD and AML features, along with additional services such as the support of multiple interface languages and territory-specific practices.
Move money smoothly between customer accounts

Clearing denotes all activities from the time a commitment is made for a transaction until it is settled. This process turns the promise of payment (for example, in the form of a cheque or electronic payment request) into the actual movement of money from one account to another. Ensure smooth movement of money between accounts for your customers. Whether you require Faster Payments, BACS, SEPA or other schemes, we have the partners to meet your needs.
Ride the wave of card personalisation and issuance

Most commonly, a payment card is electronically linked to an account or accounts belonging to the cardholder. These accounts may be deposit accounts or loan or credit accounts, and the card is a means of authenticating the cardholder. Traditionally embossed cards have been the norm, with machine-readable characters created through the process of embossing, or punching characters from the back of the card so they’re raised on the front. Modern card issuing means next-gen cards need not be embossed and require a higher level of personalisation. Combine Pismo with our partners to take the lead in providing that next generation.
Secure the payment process and streamline the customer experience

3D Secure is a security measure designed to help protect merchants from credit and debit card fraud by adding verification steps when paying. Visa first implemented 3D Secure as a security-enhancing feature for online payments. Today, there are many different security protocols for various credit cards, all based on the 3D Secure platform. 3DS can be beneficial to both merchants and customers when it comes to card and online payments. Lower your chargeback fraud liability, decrease the risk of card-not-present (CNP) fraud and make customers feel more secure with the recognised 3D Secure process.
Secure the payment process and streamline the customer experience

Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to the laws, regulations and procedures intended to prevent criminals from disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income. Transaction Monitoring (TM) is a process within AML with includes the monitoring of transfers, deposits and withdrawals to provide a complete picture of customer activity. Modern methods have led to demand for more comprehensive AML/TM systems to better detect the advanced tactics available to criminals. With our partners you can monitor customer transactions in real-time, identify suspicious activity and give banking partners confidence through an automated Anti-Money Laundering solution.
From the front to the back, ensure your technology leads the way

Forward-thinking financial institutions need to provide the best service to theory customers. That means providing winning service across the infrastructure ecosystem. The technology of today enables the creation of innovative solutions on a shorter timescale, and goes beyond old ideas of “off the shelf” software.

Meeting the technology challenges of today means selecting the right combination of partners and systems to create a holistic solution able to meet the needs of customers across the spectrum.

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