Grow your users and customers with automated processes, ensuring compliance and reducing fraud. Experience innovative, agile and reliable technology with integrated and customized tools and solutions.

Partnership highlights

One platform, many possibilities

Document verification with OCR

Automatically extract information from documents without needing costly and slow manual processes.

Meet the needs of multiple segments

Transparent registration, secure validation, and more trust in customer relationships across finance, logistics, start-ups and more.

Full understanding of the market

Idwall understands the Brazilian market and regulations, its solutions and tools are ready to meet your needs

Powerful onboarding SDK

Centralise several technologies that use AI into an intuitive UX, able to instruct users on best practive for document capture


Master the online Know Your Customer process

Remote, paperless and automated, E-KYC minimises the costs and traditional bureaucracy necessary in KYC. The guidelines in financial services require that you make an effort to verify the identity, suitability and risks involved with new customers.

Our partners provide global coverage and best-in-class solutions for comprehensive and integrated E-KYC processes, offering CIP, CDD and AML features, along with additional services such as the support of multiple interface languages and territory-specific practices.

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