Core banking

Pismo Core Banking allows your company to innovate fast, scale quickly, and reduce operating costs on a 100% cloud-native SaaS platform—whether the operation is retail, digital, or corporate.

Benefits with unmatched agility to meet your ambitions

Flexible Innovation

Build new products on a modern, flexible platform–faster

Scale Quickly

No matter your requirements now or in the future, Pismo Cards can support your company’s growth

Live Stream Data

Use the data better so you can cross sell to your customers in a more relevant way

SaaS That Keeps You Running 24/7

Updates right to you, ensuring the platform always runs on the latest technology

Proven Migration Expertise

Millions of accounts migrated from legacy systems, supporting your migration journey


Maintain a high level of security with the added value of increased uptime through the cloud

Say Goodbye To Batch Transactions

Get granular control of balances for each transaction—in real-time

Reduce Operating Costs

Pay only for what you need, not the infrastructure overhead you don’t

Standout transaction speeds

Capable of 3000+ transactions per second on each account

Take a Hybrid Approach

Stop building new stuff on top of old stuff. Let our tech stack evolve your product development and go-to-market timelines

API Library

Achieve your operational goals through an extensive API library with hundreds of integration endpoints—giving your team the power and customisation you need to be the best

100% Cloud-based Infrastructure

Pismo products are built exclusively on a multi-region infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services

Transition That’s In Your Control

Move off old systems at your own pace. We’ll be here for the journey

Transaction banking for our Corporate customers

Pismo Core Banking can transform your corporate account management system to drive growth, performance, and customer experience

DDA Migration Support

Pismo supports you through a safer and easier migration, so you can quickly move accounts to the cloud

A System At Scale

Pismo’s high TPS and low latency makes it easy to use the public cloud

Eliminate Dependencies

Remove the bloat from your bank with modular components, and integrate with more solutions to reduce risk

A Realistic Roadmap

Pismo provides your teams with a migration roadmap to guide you from point A to wherever the path may lead

Modernisation experience matters

Pismo has migrated millions of accounts for major banks and retailers

Improve Your Operational Efficiency

Legacy platforms are inflexible, expensive to run, and need regular maintenance

Deliver On Your Digital Initiatives

Aging infrastructure can’t handle the demands of modern banking, or process requests at scale

Provide High Quality Service

Your customers know an old system when they see it, and legacy pushes new prospects away

Be The More Agile Player

Competitors emerge every day. Can you keep up with the pace of change?

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