Cloud-native API-based digital lending platform

Unlock new lending potential to your business—embedding into customer journeys to provide the best user experience, in a fast and scalable way.

Benefits with unmatched agility to meet your ambitions

Complete Lifecycle Management

From booking to settlement, Pismo Digital Lending creates a seamless backend to help you scale safely—whether you’re a bank or just act like one

Flexible Product Design

A platform designed for lending. Period. Use our composable rules and parameters to meet the needs of whatever you’re designing

Powering lending on demand

We live in an instant world, and our loans should too. That’s why Pismo Digital Lending is designed for automation and speed

Live Data

Real-time data for the things you and your customers need now–from regulatory to user behaviour

API driven technology

Providing tools and technologies to unlock lending for any business type

Support your growth

When your outstanding loans grow exponentially, we’re ready


Account based pricing without the extra fees

Use our composable parameters to meet the needs of whatever you’re designing

Buy now, pay later (BNPL)​

Instant booking with monthly or fortnightly repayments, product return handling and auto repayments with cards-on-file


Personalised loan products based on customer segments with the flexibility of interest rates and options for partial or full early repayments


Enable short-term to long-term business loans with regular or bullet repayments

Auto loans​

Create auto loans products based on vehicle models, set the maximum lendable value against collateral and collect instalments in advance

Coming soon

Educational loans​

Offer educational loans with multiple stages, starting with a moratorium or repayment holiday followed by normal repayment

Coming soon


Provide interest-only or regular repayments based on fixed or floating interest rates with the linkage of a single or multiple collaterals

Coming soon

The lending platform design

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