Digital Wallets

Whether provisioning cards or setting up accounts and transfers, Pismo is ready to get you moving.

Digital wallets are an essential part of the modern banking ecosystem and offer a great customer experience by:

  • Reducing friction in the payment process
  • Increasing security through tokenization
  • Receiving more relevant and timely promotions and discounts through your app

Pismo offers a variety of digital wallet options to support your banking operations

Card Ready for Digital Wallets

For: Card issuers

  • An add-on for card issuing
  • Integrate with all major digital wallets including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Supports tokenization for major networks like Visa and Mastercard

Card On File

For: Any business that stores card credentials, Embedded finance

  • Store cards from third party issuers
  • Manage cards on file on Pismo’s platform

Account Digital Wallets

For: Any business that offers financial services, Embedded finance and P2P, P2M and more

  • Have accounts and transfers for payer and payee
  • Can be closed loop or open loop transactions (including instant pay)
  • May store proprietary cards in wallet

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