Corporate Banking

Besides offering all core features for retail banking, the Pismo financial services platform enables banks to create corporate demand deposit accounts (DDAs) and manage complex operations in a multi-country, multi-region, and multi-branch structure.

Benefits you get

Manage complex overseas operations and transactions between accounts
  • Multi-hierarchy structure management
  • Quick product development and launch
  • Complete account lifecycle management
  • Fine transaction controls
  • Data streaming for reporting and analytics
  • Always on, zero-batch processing

Products you can build with our platform

Current accounts

Overdraft accounts

Virtual accounts

Multi-currency accounts

Nostro accounts

Corporate cards

Corporate banking services

Model the bank’s structure using a hierarchy of levels and divisions
Create accounts with parent/children relationships
Develop a schema validation for account creation metadata
Collectively update an account family status
Perform balance validations before account family closure
Create a trigger to get notification about the account balance
Manage holidays and weekends for a division
Create an earmark
Schedule transactions
Retrieve an account’s balance history
Set up an account inactivity tracker
Emit a bank deposit bonus contract
Create a suspense transaction record upon authorisation denial

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