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23 mayo –

Pismo selected as a featured company for industry-leading Nilson Report

May edition of the payments newsletter features the Pismo platform, its advantages, and product capabilities

Alexander Hamilton
2 min

Pismo features in this month’s edition of the Nilson Report, a financial industry newsletter and one of the most respected news sources on mobile payments globally.

The Nilson Report, in its 50th year of publication, is an industry-leading subscription-only newsletter. It provides unique statistics on credit, debit, and prepaid card issuer, acquirer, and technology vendors. It also offers concise technology, personnel, and product news and updates.

“Es un ciclo muy largo. Estamos a punto de anunciar el despliegue de nuestra plataforma en un gran banco. El proceso de aprobación duró diez meses. No es fácil. Pero siempre les digo a los inversionistas que, si fuera fácil, habría muchos competidores haciéndolo”, dice Daniela.Pismo offers issuers the ability to fully customise card accounts for individuals with any parameter,” writes Nilson.

“The Pismo platform was built to handle fully realised, multipoint transaction processing. Because its system operates in the cloud, processing power is scalable. No data or operating centre exists.”

It adds: “Pismo APIs combine in multiple ways to support new product creation and faster time to market.”

The report also features in-depth statistical dives into the largest merchant acquirers in Europe, payment volumes in the US for Q1 2022, and the largest credit card issuers in North America.

Nilson’s article on Pismo is based on a discussion with Pismo co-founder and CEO, Ricardo Josua.

Ricardo took to the stage at Fintech Americas in Miami earlier this month to discuss the future of banking and whether the analogue era is truly over.

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