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02 junho –

Rodrigo Melato, the new VP of Sales at Pismo, is featured in Valor Econômico

The most renowned business newspaper in Brazil, Valor Econômico, highlights the hiring of Rodrigo Melato, a former Salesforce executive, to lead sales at Pismo

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We welcome Rodrigo Melato as the new Vice-President of Sales at Pismo.

Melato has a career spanning over 20 years and has recently structured and led the Salesforce business unit for the financial services industry in Brazil. He will coordinate the expansion of the Pismo sales team to support the company’s growth.

Brazilian business newspaper Valor Econômico reported the hiring of Melato in its Vaivém section, edited by journalist Stela Campos.

“In addition to structuring, training and managing the sales team, my mission is to improve the distribution structure of the Pismo platform, helping the company in its strategy of accelerated growth and globalisation”, says Melato.

Melato sees several strengths in the Pismo offer for banks and fintechs: “The APIs and microservices model allows each customer to upgrade or build their infrastructure at their own pace. Financial institutions can work with a single technological platform for core banking, card issuance, benefícios das carteiras digitais e sua adoção crescente.), and marketplaces. This brings agility, consistency and, above all, delivers the efficiency that companies need to remain relevant in an increasingly challenging market.”

“Globally, companies that provide financial services seek to offer a differentiated experience to their customers without losing focus on the efficiency of their operations. That’s where Pismo’s cloud-based, open-architecture platform makes a difference,” he says.

O projeto note on Valor Econômico is available in Portuguese for subscribers.

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